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Find Your Dream House on the Most Reputed Real Estate Portal

picShelter for living is one of the basic necessities of life, which with the breeze of time has become a status symbol too. Now, people are not just concerned about having a roof on their hands, but they also want to flaunt their living standards. For this they keep on searching for properties with the brokers and pay them extra charges. Whereas the better way is to search for the properties online. There are many real estate portals, that can guide you to the holding of your choice. But, if you are looking for the most reliable source of information in this concern, then you are most welcome to take a visit to our portal. We have maintained our website, in such a way, that even a layman can operate it easily. ‘Sakan Real Estate’ is the leading real estate Lebanon portal. If you want to buy a property in Lebanon, you will find no other option better than us.

We have maintained every bit of information to the best of our knowledge. Thus, people looking for Lebanon real estate solutions, you need not look further, as you will find everything you want on our website. We are also open to work with the commercial and residential investors, who are looking to build their portfolio. Our founder, Mr. Imad El Hassan, is highly experienced in this domain, and can also provide you perfect assistance, when you are investing your valued money, in a particular holding. We are not confined to serving you in Beirut, as mentioned, we also cover Lebanon, we have the information about the properties all over here. We have local as well as international services providers.

Contact Experienced Real Estate Brokers Lebanon to Buy Your Dream Property

2027_16In the past few years, we can see a tremendous increase in the prices of Lebanese real estate market because this place is attracting a lot of investors from regional as well as local scene. If an individual is also planning to buy a property in this location, then he must approach experienced real estate brokers Lebanon. Being the professionals, they will assist him to find out a dream home at the prime location within his budget. They also have a good understanding about nearby locations such as restaurants, schools, colleges, hospitals etc. So, anyone can easily make his decision with their crucial help.

If you want to approach experienced real estate brokers in Beirut, then you can hire the professionals of Sakan Real Estate. We have vast experience in the sale and rental of commercial as well as residential properties including land, new developments, apartments etc. To all our clients, we offer straightforward, honest and fast services at all stages. The prime goal of our company is to offer the right solution to all the clients. We have started our company in 1997 and since then, we have been working as the leading agents in Lebanon. Whether you want to buy, sell or rent out any property, we will assist. From our web portal, you can easily browse through all residential and commercial properties irrespective of any budget. Besides, you can also join our newsletter to get the latest updates about the industry direct in your inbox.

Approach Top Lebanon Realtors To Buy Dream Property

Real Estate Brokers in LebanonBuying a new home is one of the big investments in everybody’s life as he spends his life-time investment to buy a dream adobe. That’s why, many experts suggest that a person should buy a property under the guidance of an expert. A professional has expertise to purchase a dream property at an affordable budget. There are so many leading companies in Beirut, Lebanon that assist people in buying or selling any residential or commercial property. We, Sakan Real Estate, are one of the profound companies that have great experience in buying or selling both type of properties. To buy apartment in Lebanon, you can easily search through our huge database. Presently, we are offering our services in the entire Lebanon including Bekaa Valley. To all our clients, we always render outstanding services and that’s why, we have received a top position in the list of top Lebanon realtors.

In our company, we always appoint knowledgeable and highly experienced people who provide full assistance from starting. By visiting our web portal, you can get information about the latest real estate prices Beirut in just a click away. In the real estate industry, we have been serving people since 1997. Besides, our company has vast experience in letting, buying, selling and renting all kinds of properties. To find out your dream property, you have to just create an account with us. Besides, we are the proud member of REAL (Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon). So, to buy your dream property, log on now!

Find Fair Prices Rental Apartments in Lebanon

Lebanon RealtorsIt is a dream of each investor that they own up a property in their preferred location. At this point, they should be able to complete their all desires without making any compromise to the luxurious life style. It is one of the difficult things that you will not able to convert your dream into reality. Now, it is totally   challenging task that you can get true property without making too much effort. Most of the person have the great idea that what they see and think in their house.

No matter, where you are living or migrated. But, you cannot deny this thing the rate of land token is accelerating at the fast rate in each geographical area. Are you located in the Lebanon, and want to take the pride of ownership at any rate? Well, your search will end on web page. We, Sakan Real Estate , is one of the oldest companies which facilitate the residential and commercial apartment to the desirable and potential customer at any rate.

From year 1997, we are  offering real estate prices Lebanon to buy and sell apartment. Basically, our maximum client are Lebanon based. But, we are offering this service for the international as well as overseas clients too. We are providing rental apartments Lebanon to the end user, whose motto is not to settle in this locality for a long time. The apartment offered by us are filled with modern amenities, so that their resident of this apartment should not face any problem. We provide rental apartment as  per your budget and desired area size. In this dwelling unit, you will meet good attachment of bedroom, bathroom and kitchens with opulence space.

Enjoy the Perfect Amenities of Real Estate in Lebanon

real estate in LebanonIn case, you are planning to find the right apartment for sale, wait no longer and get acquainted with the real estate agents, right away. They are associated with this segment for more than a decade now, and can always offer you with promising sources, meant for the real estate strategies. From property one to property four, the areas is listed under different parameters, for making browsing an easier option for all. You can avail information like area, price and all other details, for your needs.

Extra amenities for you
You can either look for the real estate in Lebanon with well-furnished services or can look for those houses, which are not at all furnished. Depending on your choice, the prices of these houses are going to vary a lot. The houses with good furnishing option can always cost you well and more than the ones, which are not at all furnished. You can either opt for the designs, as enlisted in the house, or can make some of your own choices. For that, the non-furnished optionis the best sources, for you.

Important of calculator now
If you are a newbie in buying a house, you might have to take help of the calculator. Here, you will know more about the loans, which you can likely ask for and with the current interest rate. Just click the calculate button for lebanon real estate for sale, and you will get the number of payments made and with monthly payment ratio. This will help you to pre-set a budget plan, well.

Find great accommodations in Lebanon and Beirut with Sakan Real Estate

All those who are looking for help to avail property in Lebanon and Beirut are welcomed with balmy greetings to the online portal of ‘Sakan Real Estate’. We are the top most real estate Lebanon company that has a deep knowledge about the area and hold the confidence to help any consumer, native or from abroad with their requirement of buying an acreage. We entertain all the affairs of buying and selling, whether it is an apartment, duplex, flats, commercial spaces or land areas. Our website serves many audiences on a daily basis and their requirements may vary as:

1. First abode to buy.
2. Invest in a good property.
3. In search of larger holdings.
4. Searching for land to construct a new building.
5. Seeking for the next home to shift, on rent.

Our team has worked tremendously hard to give you the list of all the properties that are suspect to Lebanon real estate for sale. You can do a self service by surfing on the website or come and talk to our teammates. We understand what the customer expects of us, thus we have trained our executives to listen to your requirements and help you with what you are seeking for. Investors looking forth to develop a commercial property portfolio can yield assistance from our experts and track the best customers internationally, with our feasible and regulatory plans. After finding you the best deal, we also take care that the progresses are made at the earliest possible in a seamless manner.

Find the Apt Property for Your Living and Commercial Needs With Sakan Real Estate

Sakan Real EstateConsidering to make a new investment or wanting to set up a business? Well, we can help you with that. Sakan Real Estate is here to provide you assistance, if you are looking for rental apartments Lebanon or office space on the outsets of this country. Lebanon has a great history and cultural identity of its own, so who would not like to live here. When you are looking for a house to buy here and reside with your family, you surely will have to face a lot of problems as you are not the only one wanting to fix their feet in the grounds of this place.

Our organization is one of the leading real estate companies which was established in 1997. The founder Mr. Imad EI Hassan holds an experience of years in the field of real estate and finance. We deal with buying and selling interests of the clients and help them meet their requirements through our online portal site. We let you sell, buy, rent through our fast services and straightforward policies. Our organization doesn’t stop serving you even after your rental homes lebanon search is complete. We also believe in after sales services as well so that our customers would never complain with the solutions that we have given to them.

Our company promises the best solutions for property outsourcing. People, who are looking forward to invest in Lebanese property, can be well assisted by our founder himself. In this industry, he has great knowledge with the feasibility of financial plans and investments. Clients have been happy with our professionalism and quick service response. Be it you are a seller or buyer, you will find the great deals with us for Rentals, commercials and office spaces!

Rent an Apartment in Beirut And Earn a Profitable Deal


Looking for a good place, where you can either reside or open a commercial setting? In case, the answer is yes, nothing can beat the importance of real estate firm. Here, you are likely to get the places, which are up for sale or for the renting structure. These are known for offering you with a plethora of options, meant for your use. You can even come in direct contact with the investor and brokers, ready to help you find the best place of your choice .


Offering Various Solutions for use
There is a whole new range of services and solutions, meant for your use, while dealing with places to rent an apartment in Beirut, for your use. You can either provide places for rent for both commercial and residential use, where you can get the right profitable deals. There are times, when you have to get in touch with the right location of the place, before renting it to the proficient client of your choice. The professionals are available handy along with services, meant for your use.


Dealing with the Price
Now, the price package of the areas might differ a lot, depending on the needs and amenities, associated with the place. Make sure to get in touch with real estate brokers in Beirut Lebanon, before jumping for the final say. The reliable real estate firms are going to offer so many valid points, but without offering even a single rate extra. Moreover, professionals are going to work with the reliable investors, residing in aboard region.

Discover Your Dream Property in Lebanon with Sakan Real Estate

Lebanon Real Estate


Various people have to leave their country due to personal and professional reasons and they have to expatriate there. In such situation, they have to need to purchase/own up and rent property. So, they prefer to rent a property as it does not demand high capital value. These properties are at the ready to move condition which means they do not take any step for the furnishing to live in amicable environment. However, some people have owned the land to earn a steady income. It does not matter what is the purpose to buy a land in The spirit of Lebanon. Few of investors have to buy property for living to show their own property pride while few have intention to increase to get an economic value feasibility.


If you are buying or selling property, you must select the best property solution provider that solves your problem in one step. We, Sakan Real Estate, are one leading property solution providers for buying, selling, renting and letting property. No matter, which service you are selected, we will offer all services is seamless and time deliver.


We have extensive experience in the Real estate field of Lebanon. We provide both the commercial and residential apartment, according the request and pocket budget of potential clients and gives an array of amenities. We handle all the property related query of expirates and even overseas investors. A Few decades ago, there were too conflicts in the Lebanon government and hence a lot of property owner has sold it. After seeing positive turning point in economic condition of Lebanon, people are searching to buying property in Lebanon to make the best position.. The Sakan Real Estate gives an expert assistance for buying property in the affordable rates. We are committed to to give property according to their request if it is not found in the property listing.


As the Beirut becomes a destination to live here, Beirut land for sale property gives the high return of Investment who have been residing here for a long time. Here, you will find the land without any acquisition.

Contact Sakan Real Estate for Selling, Renting or Buying properties


Selling and buying any property is associated with huge risks. Therefore, it is wise to opt for the assistance of real estate companies in Lebanon. With the help of the internet, you can easily find the reliable and leading service providers of the industry. By having the services of renowned firms you may not face any kind of hassle and disappointments. Therefore, for experiencing most gratified services, you can contact with the Sakan Real Estate. We have been in this industry for past several years and committed to serve clients with transparent solutions. Our company specializes in the sale and rental of the properties.


Therefore, if you are looking for the properties for sale in Lebanon or would like to sell any land, then you can rely upon us. Apart from that, our company specializes in buying and selling of the land both commercial and residential. Our core mission is to provide best suitable and affirmative services. We are dedicated to provide our services in entire Beirut and other nearby areas. Moreover, customers who belong to abroad can also opt for our assistance. Our team of experts has immense experience of the industry and committed to assist you throughout the process. Therefore, if you require any consultation then feel free to contact us today.