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Discover Your Dream Property in Lebanon with Sakan Real Estate

Lebanon Real Estate


Various people have to leave their country due to personal and professional reasons and they have to expatriate there. In such situation, they have to need to purchase/own up and rent property. So, they prefer to rent a property as it does not demand high capital value. These properties are at the ready to move condition which means they do not take any step for the furnishing to live in amicable environment. However, some people have owned the land to earn a steady income. It does not matter what is the purpose to buy a land in The spirit of Lebanon. Few of investors have to buy property for living to show their own property pride while few have intention to increase to get an economic value feasibility.


If you are buying or selling property, you must select the best property solution provider that solves your problem in one step. We, Sakan Real Estate, are one leading property solution providers for buying, selling, renting and letting property. No matter, which service you are selected, we will offer all services is seamless and time deliver.


We have extensive experience in the Real estate field of Lebanon. We provide both the commercial and residential apartment, according the request and pocket budget of potential clients and gives an array of amenities. We handle all the property related query of expirates and even overseas investors. A Few decades ago, there were too conflicts in the Lebanon government and hence a lot of property owner has sold it. After seeing positive turning point in economic condition of Lebanon, people are searching to buying property in Lebanon to make the best position.. The Sakan Real Estate gives an expert assistance for buying property in the affordable rates. We are committed to to give property according to their request if it is not found in the property listing.


As the Beirut becomes a destination to live here, Beirut land for sale property gives the high return of Investment who have been residing here for a long time. Here, you will find the land without any acquisition.

Search the Well-Infrastructure Apartments for Rent in Beirut

Searching any property requires plenty of efforts. This task is associated with huge research and documentation as well. Having the assistance of expertise is a wise option to consider. We at, Sakan Real Estate is a leader of the industry and committed to help thousands of clients. People always like to have a property of their dream. With us, you can fulfil this dream by searching for property for sale in Lebanon at very lowest available prices. Therefore, by browsing our website you can view the best apartments in the desired location. Our company is a prime and reliable platform for the buyers, sellers and investors too. At one single website, you can fulfill all sorts of requirements without any hassle.


Apart from that, at our website you can browse the apartments for rent Beirut and sale as well. These apartments are equipped with spacious rooms and other quality amenities essential for a smooth lifestyle. If you are a new home buyer, then you can have the benefits of our services. We have a team of skilled and polite professionals. Our experts are always dedicated to provide affirmative and required consultation. By having our expertise gratified and friendly consultation, you can easily find the suitable property in Mount Lebanon and Bekaa Valley without any hassle.

Contact Sakan Real Estate for Selling, Renting or Buying properties


Selling and buying any property is associated with huge risks. Therefore, it is wise to opt for the assistance of real estate companies in Lebanon. With the help of the internet, you can easily find the reliable and leading service providers of the industry. By having the services of renowned firms you may not face any kind of hassle and disappointments. Therefore, for experiencing most gratified services, you can contact with the Sakan Real Estate. We have been in this industry for past several years and committed to serve clients with transparent solutions. Our company specializes in the sale and rental of the properties.


Therefore, if you are looking for the properties for sale in Lebanon or would like to sell any land, then you can rely upon us. Apart from that, our company specializes in buying and selling of the land both commercial and residential. Our core mission is to provide best suitable and affirmative services. We are dedicated to provide our services in entire Beirut and other nearby areas. Moreover, customers who belong to abroad can also opt for our assistance. Our team of experts has immense experience of the industry and committed to assist you throughout the process. Therefore, if you require any consultation then feel free to contact us today.

Approach “Sakan Real Estate” the Professional Place for Your Dream Paradise

At present people depend upon various real estate agencies that are providing top quality Services and assistance in buying, selling, renting and letting the property of all kinds around the globe. One can also take the help of various web portals and different sources of communication to find out the most reliable and trustworthy place. We at “Sakan Real Estate” are offering world class services to our customers by fulfilling their every requirement. You can make your dream come true in residing in a new and well innovated, fresh houses with full ventilation facilities.


If you are looking apartments for rent Beirut, then you can take our help. We are the best service providers who take up the responsibility of providing you the excellent fully furnished area. We are established in 1997 and we have major experience of satisfying customer’s needs, since then.


If you are looking for the best real estate in Lebanon then why not approach us. You can receive the dream house in beautiful and pleasing location, where the sunset and sunrise will be seen easily, apart from that, we also offer classic facilities from our staffs, they will take you to the area where you will be able to choose the perfect place to reside, sell or rent. So contact us at our online portal.

Now Make Your Dream Come True with the Help of “Sakan Real Estate”

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If you are planning to buy or rent a property, then taking help of real estate agents will be a great option. One can take their support in  deciding which property to buy. One of the well known and trustworthy organizations is now at your doorstep. Welcome to “Sakan Real Estate”. We are offering amazing properties in not only Beirut, but also in the city of Lebanon. Our services are great, satisfactory and best. Apart from that, we also offer a completely beautiful range of apartments with the best location which is the most attractive part of us.


Our agents are highly professional who offer their services on time. Their experience and commitment towards work is unique and satisfying We also give you relevant, fully furnished and awesome properties which will to a great extent blow your mind. We are best Lebanon real estate agents one can find anywhere. Are you willing to buy a land or already built bungalow’s and houses, then you search ends here. These fully equipped and well ventilated properties are now available easily.


Lebanon real estate


You can approach us for real estate Lebanon services as soon as possible to make a booking on your desired location. It becomes really very confusing while choosing land prior to location and Vaastu for people who believe in it. Then you need not worry as our services are already completed after keeping these important points in mind.


One  can also give a look towards our big apartments, villas and lands which are built to meet the need of customer’s satisfaction and enhance their lives much more.

Buy you favorite home in Lebanon with Sakan Real Estate

Whether you are looking to buy a residential property or commercial one, in both the cases, it is necessary to take assistance of highly recognized and experienced real estate agents. In order to provide the best real estate service, “Sakan Real Estate” is available to help you every time. We are a famous company specialized in dealing with properties in Lebanon. We offer reliable, professional and affordable services in a timely manner. Our experience and commitment make us different from others.

We focus in the sale and rental of all types of properties including, commercial and residential one. If you have decided to buy a desired home in Lebanon, then contact us now. When it comes to buying property in lebanon, we make sure every single clientele gets a peace of mind and the highest level of satisfaction. We offer many real estate options and also provide professional service and advice to help them find the right property within their budget.

We have been in this service for several years. We have a good knowledge about a diverse range of properties available for sale throughout Lebanon. We take pride in delivering the best solutions that are beyond expectations.

Purchase Your Dream Home by Approaching Sakan Real Estate

Buying any property is one of the biggest decisions in everybody’s life. Whether you are going to purchase a house, building or any other commercial space, you may face a lot of legal issues. But with the help of a professional, you can buy it without any hassle.  If you are looking for a property company in Lebanon, then you can approach none other than Sakan Real Estate – a premier company that specializes in sale as well as rental services for residential and commercial properties. No matter, wherever you work or live in Beirut or you are from any part of the world, you can avail our excellent services. Being a renowned Lebanon real estate company, we have great experience in renting, selling, buying and letting all kinds of property.


Our company was founded by Mr. Imad El Hassan in the year 1997. To our clients, we always provide the best solutions. To build up a commercial or residential property portfolio, we also work with many investors. As well, we also provide great support to our clients to maximize the returns. We have gained a good reputation in the industry of real estate in Lebanon.  Our service areas are Lebanon including Bekaa Valley, Mount Lebanon and many more. With the aid of our professionals, you can easily find the best deal of property. From us, you can get extensive information about location, property, neighborhood, area etc. before investing in the property.


The main goal of our company is to satisfy our clients with our excellent real estate Lebanon services. At our online portal, you can find out your dream property at prime location.